A Love Story

Danielle and Dean's

Letters form words that create sentences turning into paragraphs, chapters, books…. The words aren’t always written on a keyboard. Sometimes the pages are adorned with life’s vocabulary and the entire story is true. Danielle and Dean’s non-fiction novel is one of those page turners that every Hollywood director wants to turn into a multi-million dollar rom com.

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The Davis’ met in the library at college. Their brains eager to memorize the chapters in their text books, amongst that distinct aroma of an old library book, Danielle and Dean unknowingly wrote the first chapter to their love story. To commemorate this special memory the bride and her mother turned old library books into gold, literally! This personal touch to accent these bright and beautiful centerpieces, by Steven Mueller Florist, brought the bride and groom’s special story to the table.

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Their guests were not only gifted Bissinger’s chocolate, but they also got to select a book from Danielle and Deano’s personal library they recreated at The Caramel Room. This was such a unique addition to their big day that had everyone swooning!

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The plot of their love story was present in all aspects of the big day including two custom Snapchat geofilters.

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Gold, shimmer, sequins, journalistic fonts, the friends that stood by their side, and the outdoor sparkler ceremony added even more charm to this special celebration of the first chapter in their new book as a married couple!

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We can’t wait to read it!

Photography | Big thanks to George Street Photo for capturing these phenomenal shots!