Five Problems and Solutions You May Run Into Planning Your Big Day

The one thing that never changes in event planning is, things always change. Why not take some stress off your back and be prepared for these five hiccups that may happen.

Your longtime dream has come true. The love of your life has popped the big question and now you are a short 13 months away from your Best Day Ever! Are you freaking out about all the decisions you are now realizing you will have to make? We are here to remind you to pause and take a breath. Here are the a few examples of problems and solutions [With over 500 events completed, we’ve run into a snag or two!] that might pop up during your planning process

  1. Your preferred date is booked. Let’s face it, there are only so many Saturdays in a year, and as much as we would love to add six more Saturdays to the months of June and October, it just isn’t possible. I’m here to encourage you to keep an open mind when choosing your date. Pictures in the snow are just as enchanting as pictures in the fresh bloom of spring or with the crisp autumn colors framing your silhouettes. No matter the date, weather, or month, your day will be special because of the people you are surrounded by.
  1. The entertainment you were hoping to work with is already booked on your set date. Music is one of the most important aspects of the evening. We TOTALLY get that! However, if you are faced with this problem don’t fret, talk to your event manager or planner and ask their opinion. We have worked with a number of different entertainment vendors to know who to recommend based on your styles. Also, don’t forget to ask about cocktail hour music! If your venue has a system that can do some Pandora in house, why not save yourself that extra hour of DJ cost?
  1. Your best friend’s cousin takes pictures on the side and has offered to do yours, at a discounted rate. Let me be the first to tell you, though this is a generous offer, think long and hard before you accept it. Sure saving money here and there sounds appealing, but having a professional photographer makes an immense difference [See Blog Post Below!]. You’ll feel more comfortable critiquing and they will be able to direct you for posing the day of. There is a polite way to decline your friends’ cousin’s generous offer without sounding unappreciative.
  1. Not everyone has the same budget. You have imagined your perfect wedding for years, and Pinterest has created this ideal picture in your head of what exactly it is going to look like. When push comes to shove, weddings are expensive and you may have a limited budget. Sit down with your spouse and go over what is most important to you. What can’t you live without for your day. Talk to your planner and have them help you make your visions come to life without having to empty out your savings. Again, your day is special simply by those you are celebrating with.
  1. UH OH! Someone in your bridal party gets drunk as a skunk before the reception begins. Come’on man… hold your liquor for one more hour! It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of being in a wedding, and let me be the first to tell you, no, your bridal party is not the first to be this drunk, but it is one thing that everyone in attendance will remember. All you can do is remind them that they are standing up beside you for a reason. Reassure them that this night is going to be a blast, but at the same time, you want to make sure that everyone is present in this monumental day in your lives [which you can’t be if you’re passed out on a couch]. Being in the bridal party comes with its responsibilities, but as soon as that cake is cut and the toasts are clinked to, they can party the night away!

Thanks A Gaadt Productions for this great screen grab