Friends Don't Let Friends Go Thirsty

Bottoms Up!

Winter weather has finally come to the Lou, and we’re thrilled to be chilled! Snuggling up with our MacBooks, our pups, and the softest of blankets we got excited for our favorite cold weather bevs! The act of drinking, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, is a practice of camaraderie. We are all about bringing people together to share stories, laugh, and have fun. Whether you’re at a venue, a coffee shop, a local brewery, or your best friend’s house sip on these beverages and enjoy your evening!


Bissinger’s Dulce de Leche Hot Chocolate

2 Servings |

1 Bissinger’s dulche de leche chocolate bar

1 c whole milk

Marshmallows, cocoa or chili powder (optional) {We vote marshmallow’s and of course cocoa}

Heat milk on the stove or in the microwave, and bring to a simmer; remove from heat. Break chocolate bars into squares and place in the warm milk; whisk until incorporated.

Serve in Mugs with your selected toppings by the fire! Yum!

Four Roses Bourbon


Photo | J. Pollack Photography 


Photo | Kieth Lee Studios

A few of our 23 CB crew took a trip toCoxs Creek this Spring to hand select one of Four Roses finest barrels that have been marked by the Master Distiller. They were forced into a difficult position; choosing the best! The team was treated to a private tasting and chose the barrel that paired best with the chocolate brought from St. Louis, courtesy of Bissinger’s of course! The 23 CB team returned home with a bit more knowledge and a lot more love for bourbon.  The hand selected Kentucky bourbon arrived at our doorstep shortly after our bags were unpacked.   We’re proud of our private labeled, non-chill filtered Single Barrel selection. Our special bourbon was aged for 7 years and 5 months and only 200 bottles were produced. We have a limited amount still for sale. Holiday gifts?! Yes please! Shoot me a note | [email protected]



Photo | Kieth Lee Studios

Mississippi Mud Coffee


Photo | Missisippi Mud Website


Here at The Caramel Room we love our coffee! Actually If I’m being completely honest I don’t drink coffee at all, but my lovely co-workers might be slightly obsessed. Our sales team couldn’t have been more excited when our VP of Ops, Nick, told us we were going to start serving Mississippi Mud coffee!! Not only is it delicious, but we love supporting our local St. Louis businesses.


Photo | Missisippi Mud Website

Christopher Ruess opened his small batch artisan coffee roasting company in historic Soulard in 2004. The Caramel Room has just begun serving their delicious house blend, Mississippi Mud, this month; right in time for it to warm us up from the cold weather that has just moved in. Chef Nick Miller is working with Chris and his team to create a special blend specifically for 23 CB Catering, we can’t wait to taste it!

Bissinger’s Infused Chocolate Signature Drink

Handcrafted by Our Bissinger’s Chief Chocolatier our Secret Recipe can be Tray Passed During Cocktail Hour or Later with Dessert at your event! Multiple guests have asked for our secret recipe… but we’ve decided to keep it to ourselves, sorry!


Traditional Moscow Mule


Made with Vodka, Spicy Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, and Garnished with a Lime and Fresh Mint from Chef Nick’s Personal Garden. We drink this year round, who said it was a summer drink?

The drink was originally presented in a copper mug so that it stood out to customers; but has it been tradition for over 60 years simply because it looks good? Nope! The copper mug keeps the drink at it’s coldest and creates that chilling sensation when the mug touches your lips. The handle of the mug will keep your warm hands away from the chilly beverage in the winter. The copper even brings out the flavors in order for it to taste better! The copper begins to oxidize as soon as the vodka touches it. When the ginger beer hits the copper it creates increased carbonation in the ginger beer… more bubbles, yes please! The citrus in the lime juice is even heightened and the acidity reduced by the copper to mix perfectly with the spicy ginger beer. But of course, we love the look too!

Local Craft Beer


Photo | Switzerfilm

St. Louis has always been destined to be a beer town. John Adam Lemp built St. Louis’ first modest brewery on South Second Street in 1840. Today this building is known as the Lemp Mansion, however it paved the way for the future of St. Louis brewers.

We have recently installed a draft beer system here at The Caramel Room and will continuously carry 3 Local Craft Beers. Currently on draft: Schlafly Grapefruit IPA, Urban Chestnut Zwickle, and Civil Life Brown Ale. If you haven’t been lucky enough to taste these brews at The Caramel Room try visiting one of their local brewpubs for a sample.


Good people drink good beer… cheers!


Photo | Switzerfilm


Here’s to you! Bottom’s Up! Salut! Sante! Sauce! Na Zdravi! Saude! Proost!