Sneaky Beer Geeks are Using Crafty Techniques to Sway Me

Bissinger's has with collaborated with O'Fallon Brewery to create King Louie Toffee Stout

Is craft beer edging out wine lovers like myself? Am I feeling pressured by high-end beverages that I normally find sulking on a shelf as I pass them by for something a little less filling? Two brothers and an amazing passion for their craft try to sway me.

Having little little knowledge of their craft, they patiently went over the details I needed to know, and given my busy schedule, left out the ones I didn’t. With the magical words, “Amanda, trust us, we’ll take good care of you,” they certainly did. It went so well that we doubled our order and now have them offically on our menus where clients can personalize their own love of craft beers. Even the CEO of Bissinger’s has requested the opporunity to select his three for an upcoming event he’s hosting.


One he’ll select and hopefully become a standard on our menus is the St. Charles-based brewery O’Fallon Brewery St. Louis’ Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier has with  collaborated with O’Fallon Brewery to create King Louie Toffee Stout, which will be available in six-packs and on draft available now through March.

The full-bodied velvety stout was brewed with Magnum hops, a variety of malts, a special toffee blend recipe and hints of caramelized sugar and vanilla. The result is a balance between soft chocolate, caramel and roasted notes that highlight the toffee flavor, at 6.3 percent alcohol by volume.

This isn’t the first collaboration between the two businesses – they originally partnered in 2008 to brew a Cocoa Cream Stout and a have since created a variety of chocolate and beer pairings.


And luckily we at The Caramel Room have just the perfect glass for these craft creations. We feel serving such special product deserves a special beer glass, and it’s not like any other beer glass. It’s a glass shaped like a beer can! We know… we know… we didn’t have to, but we did. That’s how we serve beer. The glass alone might make me a beer lover. Stay tuned for an update after a tasting at Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton. And considering they have 648 Craft Beers and 184 Craft Breweries, I would think they would have at least ONE that I’ll get hooked on! But I can already say for sure that I’m hooked on Brandon and Ryan from Craft Beer Cellar!

If you’re interested in meeting these fine two “beer geeks” and giving them the opportunity to sway you, they’re located at 8113 Maryland Avenue, Clayton, MO 63105 or you can click here to sadly leave us and check out their site.