Top Ten Reasons You Should Get a Videographer

Your wedding will be over before you know it, so why not give yourself the opportunity to relive that day through video?

As a vendor, we are often asked what are we forgetting? What’s the one thing that every Bride + Groom wished the had when the day was over? Well, simply put, the answer would be for the day not to be over, to be able to relive it again and again, smiling at the memory of how crazy happy you were surrounded by friends, family, and overwhelming love. So when asked, I tell my clients your wedding day is the fastest 24-hours of your life. It’ll be over before you know it so why not give yourself the opportunity to relive that day by hiring a videographer, who is going to catch all those special moments of toasts and sweet steals of kisses as well as those laughable moments like falling on the Dfloor and getting iced by your groomsmen [see video 5 please!]. There are numerous details + decisions as well as your time, efforts, and hard work that go into making your day yours, so be smart and give yourself the chance to fall in love with your wedding time and time again.

We’ve put together ten of our favorite videos just to prove to you that a videographer is the answer to that question of what you just might be forgetting because they’ll capture everything you would not want to miss:

  1. Like the excitement of the first kiss as a married couple

    Video | Mike Dalton Films

  2. Or watching your own firework fairytale every day.

    Video | Millennium Productions

  3. Oh yeah, we definitely had the best dance party ever.

    Video | Gaadt Productions

  4. Remembering that love conquers all.

    Video | Millennium Productions

  5. Yup, I’m still a badass for saying screw the heels.

    Video | Millennium Productions

  6. They actually didn’t completely embarrass us during toasts.

    Video | Tower Studios

  7. Killed the vow game.

    Video | Millennium Productions

  8. Fist bump was 100% necessary. I mean do you see her? I get to spend the rest of my life with this girl.

    Video | Switzerfilm

  9. We couldn’t leave our fur babies out!

    Video | Megyme Productions

  10. And finally the smile that never left your face as you married the one you love the most

    Video | 24 Frames